Fungi foray 🍄

Yesterday I went to a brilliant fungi foray! We learnt lots about how to identity different species and lots about them like which are edible and poisonous! Here is what I learnt: LILAC/ROSY BONNET (Mycena Pura) - This is a common species in both deciduous and coniferous woodland, but it also occurs in some grassland … Continue reading Fungi foray 🍄

Bird ringing

A couple of weeks ago our CES (constant effort site) visits to Martin Down ended. Constant effort site visits are when you go to the exact same place, same time, same nets etc over a period of time - we did ours 12 times over a few months. Meadow pipit Whitethroat Now that it has … Continue reading Bird ringing

How to make your garden more hedgehog friendly

I have been doing some volunteering at my local wildlife hospital. The main animal I have been working with is hedgehogs which are sick or have been injured. The hedgehog population is in decline. Reasons for this are still not known for certain but there are some ideas. For example: loss of hedgerows, predation by … Continue reading How to make your garden more hedgehog friendly